Student and parent voices are central to the work we do at Farr.
These heartfelt sentiments continue to inspire our daily mission.

From the first day of school it became obvious there was something very different about bwin. …My son, historically, has not had a lot of positive school experiences. bwin from day one showed my son that school could indeed be a welcoming inclusive place where the teachers routinely demonstrate concern  for the students.  My son was motivated to attend bwin each and every day due to the understanding, 熟练的员工. The staff were always prepared to go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to help my son manage his strong emotions, but also how to settle down and complete his academic work.  The Farr Clinician was always available either before school or after school if I had a pressing concern, and is probably the most responsive and supportive school based employee I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I will always be grateful for everything their staff was willing to do to help my son engage in his education while also providing a truly therapeutic setting that he needed.


bwin taught me how to deal with my anger in different ways and gave me healthier options to calm down and process my anger without losing control.  … I would like to thank bwin and all of the staff for helping me grow up into a young man who is ready to move on with my life and make something of myself.


Everybody has a great sense of humor… teachers participate in the humor, 但这里没有欺凌或辱骂.  [Even on the first day of school, my] anxiety was the lowest it’s been in a long time.

——Farr Student, 2021-2022

My son has attended several Special Education schools throughout his life. We cannot praise the staff of bwin enough for the care, compassion and creativity they have shown to him. 他很高兴每天都去参加法尔. This was not the case with his other schools. He has been so engaged with the staff and they have increased his self-esteem so much more than we could have expected. We are constantly amazed at the imaginative ways that they have presented academic work to him and been flexible and accommodating to his style of learning.  My husband and I could only hope that he would graduate high school but felt he might not be able to achieve this due to his challenges. We are beyond proud that he is just a few weeks away from graduating. While our son has matured considerably this year and has put a lot of effort into his education, we know without the staff at Farr this would not have been possible. We will be eternally grateful to each and every staff member of Farr.

- 2021年毕业生的父母

bwin truly supported me as their student during my time at the school.  我对新技能有了信心.  The staff’s hard work and understanding care helped me to work harder and succeed from the day I arrived.  I will always appreciate all of the moments at bwin


I never thought I would come this far but I did it!  I’d like to thank all of my teachers for helping me get through high school.  没有你我做不到.


When I first came to this school… I was always acting crazy, 经常吵架, 不去上课, 对员工大喊大叫, 总是分心. 我经常把注意力集中在不相关的事情上. But as I got older, I learned to respect people and to respect myself. 我开始更多地关注我的教育, and staying true to myself so I could focus on what I had to get done. 正如人们所说,我走了很长一段路.

I look at the teachers here like they are a part of my family. They have helped me so much the past two years. At one point, I wanted to drop out, but they helped me keep pushing. I am so happy to be graduating, but I am going to miss everybody so much. I love all the teachers, but my Homeroom Teacher/Counselor and I have been through a lot. 她一直支持着我. 她帮我度过了所有的难关. 她就像我的第二个妈妈.


I believe that the most important thing that happened at Farr is that when we as parents and our student could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and felt demoralized by the long high school process, our daughter’s Farr homeroom teacher/counselor never gave up hope. He reminded me and her every day that things were better and would get still better. 当我们想放弃的时候,他在指导我们. As we slogged along Farr worked with her to design curriculum that interested her as much as possible within school hours and accommodated our request to get her dual enrollment at our local community college. That in itself helped us approach college in a way that confirmed she was capable and made the actual college transition less scary this year. The products of the wood shop and ceramics were wonderful too; it is hard to use or enjoy a paper or a discussion for long but having a tangible usable item was great. 谢谢Farr, for sticking with us when we felt nothing was worthwhile, and helping us get to the graduation and transition to college.

- 2019年毕业生的父母